The Truth Behind the Music (Instagram)

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Posted on Mon, 11/24/2014 - 10:52am

Satan is still a musician. He's described as subtle for a reason. His approach is never obvious, that's why he will never enter your home/life through the front door. He only enters by invitation:

This is one of the most difficult messages to teach believers because when their music collection is challenged then there's resistance ..."my music isn't bad" is usually the sentiment. I've been called weird, deep, and non-relevant because of my stance. Yet as confirmed in the scripture, satan is subtle. He knows most believers wouldn't dare listen to music about violence, drugs, sexing, or drinking. But if he inspired a funky beat, used a pretty girl, and used metaphors as lyrics then the song would bypass normal "Christian radar" undetected. Truth is, music is always created through the supernatural ...what we hear from mortal beings (humans) is the duplicated form. I'm a musician and I own a studio. What most musicians won't tell you (because they want the spotlight) is there is a supernatural encounter that takes place before music is produced. In other words, whether it's the spirit of satan or the Spirit of God, the human is merely the host for reproduction.

So what you hear as a consumer is much deeper than what the ear detects!! The message is in the music!! Whether your conscious picks up on it or not, you're being fed something and what that something is depends on the spirit of the artist. Here's how it works and this is why believers fight it ..."but it's just music, I just listen to the beat, it's a fun song, etc." ...sadly, satan has worked his craft to perfection. This goes for Christian/Gospel music as well ...artists hiding behind Jesus only to promote their agendas for fame....just like satan ...they want the spotlight. When churches begin playing music from artists who don't honor Jesus as Lord, that's the cue that's satan has worked his plan. What's in your music collection?

Do your research, the music industry is dark ...that's not to assume that those who God has placed in it to be a light have been compromised ...that is to say, many are being deceived ...don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Many of these artists aren't who you think they are ...I pray you'll simply ask God to reveal the truth behind your music, to be open to this revelation, and be willing to let it go for the sake of honoring Jesus in allll things.


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