Music and Evangelism (Instagram)

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Posted on Mon, 11/24/2014 - 11:05am

Music was never meant to be used as a tool for evangelism. I know it seems logical and the idea is popular but the scripture does not support.

To the Christian/Gospel artist that wants to "crossover" to mainstream for the sake of "reaching the lost", I challenge you to search the true motives of your heart ...fame is a powerful drug. While I believe Jesus will strategically/creatively send His people to every corner of the world to share His truth and love, He will NEVER disguise the packaging!! Men should know that you belong to Jesus. This "out of the box" talk is an attempt to re-invent the wheel and make the Gospel more appealing to this culture. While I believe God is creative, He doesn't need gimmicks nor does He need our help to remain relevant. John 15:19 ...The world loves its own. If the mainstream music industry accepts you, then Houston we have a problem. Think about it, the Gospel changes lives and causes people to live/think right. Whyyy would "the industry" want you changing the minds of their producers/consumers who love themselves (more than Christ), sex, drugs, and fame?? Even as a "cross-over" artist, the label has complete control over your content ...where's the liberty to "spread the Gospel" in that?

Music is a conduit for worship, healing, and victory ...scripture doesn't support the notion that music was used to win someone to Christ. Scripture does support the truth that it takes the preaching of the Gospel to save someone ...I Corinthians 1:21. In Acts 2:37, after Peter preached the Gospel, the question was asked, "what must we do?" (to be saved)...3000 people were saved that day. There are NO accounts that people were saved because someone sang. I know it's tempting to believe that we artists should use our gifts to draw people to Jesus. Our gifts should be a testimony of how beautiful Jesus is. The thing that will sting the heart of man into understanding why they need to be saved, is preaching the Gospel (tell someone about Jesus). Music stirs emotions. Giving your life to The Lord should not be an emotional experience but a life-changing experience. Again I ask, is Jesus the pawn for your fame/popularity? Lots of "I think", "I feel", "I believe" ...tell me what God said ...


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